JAI camera software

JAI offers a variety of control software and development kits to support JAI cameras.If you are a new customer,

you can find the latest recommended version on our Downloads page or in the Downloads tab on your model's product page.

The table below provides links to the available software packages and their current versions as well as some older versions

that may be required for some projects. 


eBUS SDK for JAI is a powerful new SDK for building vision systems utilizing JAI cameras. 

Based on Pleora's eBUS SDK and designed specifically for JAI cameras.

eBUS SDK for JAI consists of a software development kit (SDK) and a player. 

eBUS Player is application software for directly accessing and controlling JAI cameras non-programmatically 

It can be used to test and evaluate JAI cameras equipped with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision interfaces. 

The SDK is packaged software that allows system developers to easily build programs to integrate JAI cameras into vision systems. 

The Windows version offers built-in C++ and .NET APIs, as well as a Python API available as a separate option. 

Cameras that can use this software 

To use this software in JAI camera, you must meet two conditions. 

1. Must be equipped with a GigE Vision or USB3 Vision interface 

2. Must be equipped with a CMOS image sensor. 

The list of supported cameras is as follows. (As of April 2023) 

Go-X series  

GOX-2402M/C-USB, GOX-2402M/C-PGE, GOX-3200M/C-USB, GOX-3201M/C-USB, GOX-3201M/C-PGE, GOX-5102M/C-USB, GOX-5103M/C-USB,

GOX-5103M/C-PGE, GOX-5105M/C-PGE, GOX-5105M/C-5GE, GOX-8105M/C-PGE, GOX-8105M/C-5GE, GOX-8901M/C-USB, GOX-8901M/C-PGE,

GOX-12401M/C-USB, GOX-12401M/C-PGE, GOX-12405M/C-PGE, GOX-12405M/C-5GE, GOX-16205M/C-PGE, GOX-16205M/C-5GE,

GOX-20405M/C-PGE, GOX-20405M/C-5GE, GOX-24505M/C-PGE, GOX-24505M/C-5GE 

Go series   

GO-2400M/C-USB, GO-2400M/C-PGE, GO-2401M/C-PGE, GO-5000M/C-USB, GO-5000M/C-PGE, GO-5100M/C-USB, GO-5100M/C-PGE,

GO-5101M/C-PGE, GO-5100MP-PGE, GO-5100MP-USB, GO-8105M-5GE-UV 

Spark series 

SP-5000M/C-USB, SP-12401M/C-PGE, SP-12401M/C-USB, SP-20000M/C-USB 

Apex series 

AP-3200T-10GE, AP-3200T-USB, AP-3200T-USP-LS, AP-3200T-USB-LSX, AP-3200T-PGE, AP-1600T-USB, AP-1600T-USB-LS, AP-1600T-USB-LSX,


Fusion series 

FS-1600D-10GE, FS-1600T-10GE-NNM, FS-3200D-10GE, FS-3200T-10GE-NNC, Fusion Series Flex-Eye custom multispectral cameras 

Sweep series 

SW-4000TL-10GE, SW-4000TL-SFP 

Sweep+ series  

SW-4000T-10GE, SW-4000T-SFP, SW-4000Q-10GE, SW-4000Q-SFP, SW-8000T-10GE, SW-8000T-SFP, SW-8000Q-10GE, SW-8000Q-SFP 

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