Multispectral image analysis

Measurement and analysis of external and internal

   phenotypes using spectral information of specific bands

  Vegetation index analysis, color quantification analysis,

   crop symptom monitoring

  Simple using of high technology with low cost

  Can be operated based on various platforms such as

   satellites,wired/wireless aircraft, manned/unmanned vehicles, 

   and smartphone-mounted cameras.

Hyperspectral image analysis

  Analyze the unique properties and absorptionㆍreflection  

   characteristics of crops by acquiring hundreds of spectral information

  Crop growth and quality analysis

  Non-destructive component testing

  Automatic image analysis processing combined with AI technology

IoT Platform Development

IoT-based digital agricultural device and sensor comprehensive

  management technology

Application development for environmental control and

  growth management

Review data outliers and develop models for each growth stage

  for each item

Big data & AI analysis

Model development using machine learning algorithms and

  deep learning technology

Establishment of crop cultivation plan Ai algorithm

Secure analytic accuracy and speed

Realization of smart agriculture through digital conversion of

   agricultural resources

Resolving manpower shortage and improving productivity through

   automation and intelligence in agriculture

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