KIUDA chamber is an automatic analysis solution that is equipped with various image sensors such as hyperspectral, multispectral, LiDAR, thermal imaging, and RGB to analyze crop characteristics and growth information in a non-destructive manner.

In an environment where external light is blocked, precise data can be obtained quickly by performing repeated experiments by controlling the light source to suit the researcher's intention.

Hyperspectral Chamber

•  Perform more precise spectral analysis using a hyperspectral camera

•  Analysis and early prediction of crop disease that may appear

   in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range

•  Hyperspectral camera and special halogen lighting are included as

   standard options.

Multispectral chamber

•  Using a multispectral camera to capture visible and near-infrared

   wavelength bands

•  Performing various vegetation index analysis and phenotype

   automatic analysis of the object

•  Multi-spectral camera, 3-channel LED lighting for multi-spectral

   camera is configured as a basic option

LiDAR chamber

•  Acquiring point cloud data through LiDAR scanning

•  Phenotypic analysis such as plant height and leaf area

•  Lidar camera and rail for lidar are configured as basic options

RGB chamber

•  Precise and rapid analysis using high-resolution RGB camera

•  Analyzing the phenotype and chromaticity of the object

•  High-resolution RGB camera and LED interior lighting are included as

    standard options

Thermal imaging chamber

•  Analysis of Heat distribution of the target body through

   thermal analysis

•  Acquisition of various vegetation data

Light source control

•  For precise shooting, adjust the light source to suit the basic dark

    room environment and image sensor.

•  Using special lighting to prevent photoinhibition to crops.

•  Two available lighting option: special halogen lighting for 

    hyperspectral cameras and 3-channel LED lighting for multispectral 


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